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Business Growth Reimagined

Has your business growth outpaced your current internal infrastructure? Are you feeling like a one-person army?

In spite of some jobs being outsourced outside of the United States, statistics show that outsourcing is still widely utilized by many corporations.

So, do you really need to do everything within your company?

Although some companies outsource a great deal, it’s not necessary to go whole hog. Look at current efficiencies, any inefficiencies in leadership and strategy, and check for bottlenecks and inefficiencies in structure and talent to see if some of that work can be done by someone else to elevate to the next level of productivity by outsourcing. ‍
Post COVID-19, small businesses across the country are still working to figure out how to maintain and grow their businesses after so much disruption. Even in spite of the pandemic troubles, most small business leaders can find themselves working on many activities within their business with little to no time to work on the business activities to create growth. It’s easy to discover that you’re stretching yourself thin as the leader of the team or even stretching your whole team thin when you really just need some more hands. ‍
Since the coronavirus changed everything, especially making the “work from home” model so much more necessary, companies of any size that previously might not have been interested in outsourcing are starting to become interested. Outsourcing can provide a cost savings in finding talent and expertise for a project without creating an entirely new position within your organization.

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest!" - Tom Peters, Management Guru

Benefits of Outsourcing

1. Focus on core tasks
- You, your leaders, and your employees can focus on core business functions.

2. Lower costs
- More time can be utilized towards more value-added business goals and objectives.

3. Promote growth
- More time to develop stronger business acumen skills at all levels of your business.

4. Maintain operational control
- Develop your internal task force to increase efficiency and enhance or speed up organizational transformation.

5. Offer staffing flexibility
- Flexibility is created by contracting with a pool of diverse experts for one-off tasks or other temporary requirements and easily scale up or down as needed for a project or recurring tasks.

6. Provide continuity and risk management
- Infrastructure savings by operating in limited space and greater safety post COVID.

7. Significant time saving
- Grants a huge competitive advantage by increasing your turn around time to the customer.

Are you struggling to meet ongoing operational needs?

The struggle to meet ongoing operational needs can drain the essential resources needed to achieve strategic and revenue objectives. Improved efficiencies, reduced costs, streamlined operations and innovative solutions at a global level are core to meeting these goals. Because when small businesses thrive, we all do. Amidst 39 million Americans claiming unemployment and the extraordinary impact on even the largest companies, opportunities for long-term positive change are taking shape. In a survey prior to the global pandemic, nearly 70% of American employees said they believed that the traditional office setup will be obsolete by 2030. Additionally, the need to have surplus staff to manage every aspect of a business has been declining for years, directly coinciding with the increase in outsourcing and its positive impacts for all types of organizations.
This checklist included with this blog post will help you to decide if outsourcing is right for your project and how to go about deciding on what tasks you want to outsource and how to find the right partners for outsourcing.
‍ Did you like reading about this topic? If you would like to see more topics like this, let us know and be sure to download your free Business Growth Reimagined Checklist for your Business Process Outsourcing that Offers Efficiency Gains for Building Capacity.
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