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Organizational Diagnostics

How Healthy is Your Organization?

At VisionSpot, we help you diagnose inefficiencies in your organization and provide evidence-based solutions to improve leadership, operations, and performance. Our focus is on helping organizations elevate operational efficiency to excel in performance. 


We Impact Your Operation Where It Counts

VisionSpot’s operational diagnostic strategies deliver results and have saved our clients millions by implementing workflow process improvements,HR policies, procedures, and more diverse, data-driven solutions. We take a holistic approach to analyzing roadblocks in your organization’s performance. Once we diagnose areas of needed improvement, we provide impactful tools for improving leadership skills, processes, workplace productivity, regulatory compliance, and employee retention.

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What Are Your Pain Points?

Are you struggling to improve operational effectiveness?

Boost your business effectiveness with VisionSpot!

Our Four Step Wellness Check:

  • Assessment: Identify organizational challenges.

  • Diagnosis: Analyze underlying causes.

  • Treatment: Implement targeted solutions.

  • Monitor: Set goals and ensure continual progress.

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Delores Stubbs,
Business Owner,
State Farm

“All about you! The C-Suite program is focused on developing the leader and business which is what I needed. The message is simple, yet innovative, and empowering. All of the concepts and ideas made a favorable impression.”


John F. Rhodes,
Executive Director,
South Alabama Regional Planning Commission

“Dr. James' guidance on setting policies to protect the company and its workload was
well prepared, thorough, and critically important for minimizing risk. In addition to being mindful of the needs of employees, and motivational.”

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Tonya Haynes, 
Phoenix Business
Development Group

"Dr. Valerie is a dynamic coach and leader. She is great at engaging audiences in a participatory way, maximizing their experience and results. In every facet of her work, she shows a genuine passion for leadership effectiveness, people development, and inclusion of differing ideas, thoughts, and values. She is a great person to work with."

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Ozzie Lopez,
Director Workforce Development
AltaMed Health Services Corporation

"If you are seeking a firm that will work tirelessly on your behalf to obtain the best possible results, I strongly and highly recommend VisionSpot. They not only provided us with strategies on the approach to engage stakeholders and obtain a necessary buy in, but also provided us with recommendations on the development of a lean and efficient project charter, and worked with us to develop and implement our project."

Our Clients

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