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Performance Management 

Need Help Staying on Track?

Navigating the challenges of managing people, plans, and day-to-day performance requires a strong organizational muscle. We will work alongside you and your teams to create analytical connections to your vision, critical business metrics, and action plans to measure, monitor, and celebrate desired outcomes critical to operational and performance success.

Transform Business Priorities into Results!

Identifying your organization's capabilities to achieve your objectives requires strategic thinking and a highly visual action plan that feeds directly into the next steps. iSKORED is an easily digestible dashboard and user-friendly tool to create well-laid plans and measurable outcomes individually and departmentally.


Our system maps out clear and actionable goals and aligns company standards, performance, and quality benchmarks on the metrics that matter and in real-time. We will:

  • Simplify complex strategic planning processes.

  • Cross-functional implementation and alignment.

  • Design measurable outcomes, track progress, and demonstrate the value of your initiatives.

  • Enable continuous improvement and the delivery of high-quality services.

  • Reducing compliance-related stress and enhancing reputation.

With iSKORED, success isn't just planned—it's activated to help you score higher.

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Our Solutions


Our iSKORED platform is customized for your organization to help you collect data, track your progress, and make adjustments in real-time.


Once we have identified your pain points, diagnosed the root causes for your symptoms, and implemented a plan for improved organizational health, it is time to create your customized plan to maintain your performance enhancement trajectory.


This is a critical step in maintaining a healthy, continually improving organization and poised for better outcomes and monitoring using the following tools: 

Performance Enhancement Services 

  • Talent assessment

  • Skills gap analysis

  • Performance appraisal alignment 

  • Goal Setting and strategic prioritization

  • Competency framework development

Strategic Planning 

  • Strategic visioning and goal-setting

  • SWOT analysis and Voice of the Customer (VoC) research

  • Strategic plan development and implementation

  • Performance metrics and KPI tracking

  • Continuous improvement and adaptation

Key Performance Scorecards

  • Performance scorecard development

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) prioritization alignment and measurement

  • Data collection and analysis for scorecard metrics

  • Scorecard reporting and visualization

  • Scorecard alignment with organizational goals

 Performance Alignment Action Plans

  • Customized action plan development

  • Goal alignment with organizational objectives

  • Performance tracking systems

  • Performance improvement workshops

  • Regular action plan reviews and updates

Performance Dashboards

  • Custom dashboard design and development

  • Real-time data integration for dashboards

  • Interactive cross-functional data visualization

  • User training on dashboard usage

  • Dashboard maintenance and updates

We provide solutions to develop employees
into more focused, self-motivated,                  mission-ready, and results-driven partners.

Strategic Planning. Scorecards. Action Planning. Dashboards.  
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