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How to Design a Positive Image for Your Business

Image is everything.

It does not matter if your product or service is great, if your image is not right, your business will not achieve its highest potential.
How does your company look to other people? How do people perceive you?
Let’s use the company Apple for example. Why do we keep coming back?
Apple has built one of the biggest technological presences. In today’s world, everyone you encounter probably has one to three Apple devices. How? Apple has created products with the reputation of reliability and customers know what product features to expect because of product advertisement . The experience of the technology itself is also reliable and unique, since Apple’s software is like no other. People can easily transfer data to each device, making it simple and a better experience overall for the consumer. The result of these two things is the image created is long-lasting and builds trust from the consumers. Relations equity is the new lead generator. Standards of excellence are important for increasing and maintaining customer loyalty.

The design and image of your business are the first things someone will remember when they encounter your business. The image you present to the public should embody the company’s process, what it does, and who makes up the company. Some firms use uniforms to create the impression of professionalism, while others develop a corporate culture of service. Companies providing both a professional image and quality service not only attract but retain customers. Therefore, your image should be geared around designing the world class customer experience. These companies are successful due to their emphasis on quality customer service. Failure to provide professional and quality service results in loss of business.

There are three key dimensions of service:

Human Dimension
The most critical is the customer-facing process, which begins and ends with your unique model for creating an exceptional experience when someone purchases your product or service. A human wants respect and individual attention that needs to be recognized and responded to in a positive way by employees.
Business Dimension
The strategies and structures are defined and placed to create an attraction for consumers to seek your service. By having quality and efficient customer service your company can build long term loyalty. Through identifying and understanding customer needs your company can meet a range of business needs.‍
Hidden Dimension
The methods of work behind the scenes ensure a world class experience every time for new and repeat customers. Customers have a set of expectations they look for when using your service or product. When those expectations are not met, your business can potentially lose that customer. Successful corporations and small businesses understand the importance of maintaining a professional image when dealing with customers. Once the public is informed about what your company is, start to include an element that will engage current and future customers.

Here are three elements to consider when designing your business:

1. Engage: Customer interaction
Customer engagement is essential to a company because it creates a personal touch for your clients. An awesome tool, if applicable, is to provide a face-to-face interaction with the customer. Provide a forum for your clients within their communities so that your clients can share experiences with one another. In turn, this will provide your company the opportunity to respond to some of the current clients, while getting the company name out there.

Marketing is the most useful tool used to gain customer engagement. This provides your clients with an opportunity to see something that always makes them think of your business. The Allstate commercials are great examples of marketing. The commercials utilize a well-developed character named Mayhem, who is simply unforgettable. Engaging with customers using a tactic that is simple and relatable will help your company keep and gain clients.

2. Inform: Your company’s image
How important do you think the image of your business matters to your future clients? Does your image speak to the method in which your company operates? It is especially important to provide your future clients with an image that is distinctive and unique to your company. Consider the benefits that a tailor-made image can produce within your organization.
Image is the first thing most people will see before they ever fully understand what you do. Your company’s image is not limited to just graphic design, but also includes the individuals that you employ. One bad experience with a customer, and you can lose their business. Customer education is a key component to explain to the industry who you are and what you offer. Start with answering questions:
What is your value proposition (Why a customer chooses your product or service)?
What are the details of the products?
Who is your target audience?
What are your short and long-term goals for the company?

3. Grow: Development
Every company’s goal is to generate revenue. The last benefit a company’s image can create is growth. Your company’s goal may revolve around achieving growth within the company and/or growth within its respective industries. In order to gain new customers for a positive venture, you must never forget about your current customers. New and existing customers help you to grow your business.

How to Create A Business Relationship Map
Instructions for creating a Business Relationship Map:
1. Place your name or picture in the center of the circle.
2. Add circles around the center circle and label the circles with the names or images of people,
companies, partners, customers, vendors, associations, etc. important to your success. In some instances, you may not know them yet – but you need to know them.
3. Draw a line between you and the person or entity to represent your
relationship with them.
• A solid line means a strong relationship with you or someone on your map.
• A dotted line means a relationship in place but needs strengthening.
• No line means a relationship needs to be cultivated.

Example: VSC Business Relationship Map

In conclusion, make sure when you present your business to the public you have a clear presentation of the values of your business. Make sure your image exemplifies the information, engagement of your company and building relationships so you can maximize growth within your company. If you would like more information on this topic, schedule a call with our office today!
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